Scripps Library

“Terra Triptyche” 1992, three works 48” x 60”; entryway to library

In 1992 artist Richard Spaulding was commissioned to design and create 11 stained glass works for this Mission Revival style building.
This body of work is made up of 3 traditional decorative glass works, Terra Triptych, 7 contemporary abstract landscape works, Geomancy Series, and a window for the Children’s library titled Mixtec Menagerie. The decorative works are images derived from the local environment. The omnipresent eucalyptus trees are the first reference with leaves weaving a lattice border to the medallion of a eucalyptus tree form in positive/negative design. The Water window pictures a dam and reservoir with red ridges and hills - rather like how the terrain was before massive development. The final window of the series is the Rock window. This imagery is drawn from the desert environment near San Diego and is meticulously depicted in various glassworking techniques.