Residential 6

“Salome Series” 2003, 36” x 24”; Scripps Ranch, San Diego residence

In 2001, artist Spaulding worked with the Lamberts Glasfabrik in Waldsasssen, Germany to create sheets of glass of a specific palate for a project in San Diego, California. The glass was made at the factory, using the technologies for which Bohemian glass is famous. Six workers were necessary to make each sheet of hand blown glass. Altogether ten sheets were manufactured. The glass was titled Salome glass because of the sense of aroma and dream-like sensuality the colors create. With these sheets of glass three panels were created at Derix Studio in Tannusstein, Germany. Two of those panels are installed in a San Diego residence. The third of these panels is available from the artist’s collection.
In its design, the panels is depicts a window within a window, a landscape outside the window and an architectural feature on the side of the window. The Bauhaus edict paraphrased as “truth in materials’” is present in this glasswork - as the glass material itself is the artistic vehicle for the work. Glass craft and architectural design play a lesser role than the material itself.