“Homage in Green” 1981, 14’ x 84”; entryway overhead canopy in Volunteer Park Conservatory, Seattle, WA.
Slumped, acid etched, fired enamels on artist designed German antique flashed glass.

Homage in Green was installed in the City of Seattle’s botanical conservatory in 1981. Funded by SAFECO insurance company in Seattle in collaboration with the Friends of the Conservatory, an educational non-profit group. The work of decorative glass art has garnered critical and popular praise both in Seattle as well are throughout the world. The work has been published in various journals of glass art as well as books on architectural ornamentation, glass arts and most recently, “Crystal Palaces” by Ann S. Cunningham.

The major portion of the canopy is made up of 48 glass panels in two bronze frames. Designed to emphasize the geometry of the architecture, the painted and etched border panels are arranged as a primer on various decorative botanical designs through a three hundred years of English and American decorative decorative arts.
Design quotations from Wren and Morris as well as Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan are some of those remarked upon from history as well as neo-constructivist designs. the center parts of the canopy are acid-etched images of three different flowers. The center glass canopy is fourteen feet long by five feet wide.