Cast 6

In 2002, Spaulding completed a cast glass work for a non-profit organization called Cancer Lifeline. This organization is dedicated to serving survivors of cancer with education, art therapy, exercise, diet programs and general supportive services. After serving the public for 15 years with a 24 hour telephone hotline the organization built the Dorothy O’Brien Center in 2000 to have a place to offer the services available. Spaulding designed and executed a wall piece to honor the contributors to this new healing center.

The work is an oval 53” x 31” made of brushed aluminum. Protruding through the metal in 2”- 3” relief are 63 glass blocks. Each block has the name of a contributor as well as an inscription in some cases. The names and inscriptions are etched on the back of the glass block the filled with black paint. The glass is then leafed with aluminum foil and sealed. The size of the glass blocks vary to reflect the amount of the contribution made for the supporter in as subtle a way as possible as all donors were to be honored equally.
On the surface of the metal is engraved a thin line which runs throughout the work and is the logo of the organization, a telephone line.

The Cancer Lifeline Dorothy S O’Brien center is located at 6522 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle, Washington. It’s services are free to cancer survivors. Appointments to see this work and accompanying cast glass signage can be made at 206 297 2100.