Cast 2
"Sea Forms" 1997 , overall dimension 74” x 96” x 2”. Residence in Leucadia, CA; Cast glass tiles with inclusions of sea life forms.
The second cast glass work created by Spaulding and his team was for a residence on the bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Leucadia, California. This residential work was commissioned in 1997 for the door and entryway of a contemporary house designed by Steve Adams and associates. In accordance with the site
specific nature of the work, the owner stressed security and privacy as the two main concerns for the glass work and the entryway art glass responds to those primary considerations. The imagery within each cast glass tile is derived from the sea, i.e., the materials that wash up from the beach. The 37 glass tiles of the residence and various other samples and developmental glass blocks are collectively known as the Sea Form Series. These works, executed in a blue tint glass contain the liquid dynamics of molten glass. Specific and abstracted marine imagery floats in each block. Starfish and sea cucumbers mere into and out of primordial miasma. Additional geometric highlights are used as on the surface as counterpoint to the building’s geometry.