Cast 1
"Genesis in Two Directions" , 1995. 84” x 48” x 1”. Residence in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Cast glass tiles with inclusions of microbiological and cosmological imagery, silicon adhesive.
Since 1995, Richard Spaulding has worked with Seattle glass artisans and technicians to create architectural cast glass works.
The initial work was for the Richard Andison residence in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Spaulding designed a 7ft x 4ft., 700 pound glass work for the residence's grand foyer. The glass components are assembled in a patinaed stainless steel interior frame with silicon adhesives, allowing some structural elasticity. The cast glass tiles making up the work are 1 inch thick and contain images floating in the glass called inclusions. These images refer to astronomical events, comets, nebula, stars and constellations on one hand and to microbiological life forms and single celled organisms on the other. Hence the title of the work, Genesis in Two Directions, refers to the concept of macro and micro cosmos. The primary aesthetic statement of the work is about the material itself. Glass as a structural material and glass as a decorative medium is a concurrent theme.