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Sirotnik Bimah detail

The Sirotnik Bimah ritual object was designed for a client in honor and memory of Rachael Sirotnik. The Bimah is a ritual table or lectern upon which the Torah is placed when taken from the Ark.
This work is a massive 400 pound cast object, 54” x 14” x 16”.
The frontispiece of the Bimah is designed in the shape of a scroll, or Torah, as it is being opened. Within the Torah shape is a raised circle with 13 marks on the surface. This circle is a cabalistic symbol taken as a personal logo of the client. The side panels for the Bimah are cast glass bas relief works. The design is that of a prayer cloth or Shabbas and is polished to reveal the decorative geometry of a crocheted fabric. The top panel of the work is a glass tile with a calligraphic inset created by Rabbi Teitlebaum of Miami Beach. This decorative representation is of the works for Ehad (Oneness in God), Ehud (God's unspoken name), Ahavese (Love), land a dedication Ra Yud Zion (Rachael of Zion), the patron's mother.
The center monogram contains parts of each word, combined for a unified invocation from The spiritual Source. In artist's collection. ($ 15,000)